Adept Mercantile Agency

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P.O Box 1397.
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Accounts placed with this agency receive immediate action to produce results through written demands for payment and personalized contact with debtors irrespective of their location.

Debtors payments are made direct to our clients, so there is no waiting for end of month payouts.
E very client is personally updated on the progress of each collection.
Professional and legal costs are at minimum schedule fee rates as laid down by the respective courts.
This agency is locally owned and operated, offering unsurpassed results at competitive  rates.
  • Use the No 1 Agency for results
  • Be first to collect your money
  • Be first by taking advantage of our same day legal action
  • A fast, efficient service gets the results
  • Proceed by either mailing or faxing your debtor’s details on the Overdue Account Instructions Form provided.